Tuesday Shoesday {Target Edition}

My most popular and still my most visited blog post from 2017 is this Target/Steve Madden Dupe post. With that being said I wanted to be sure and share a round up of my favorite Target spring 2018 new shoe arrivals. Target has no problem creating designer dupes, but let’s get one thing straight, unless you’re buying something straight off the fashion week runway  everything is a dupe. it is truly all just a trickle down effect from designer to designer. in my opinion the only difference with Target creating dupes compared to other brands or retailers is that Target does it right and not only do they do it right but they do it at an affordable retail cost.

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Our Family Christmas Cards + Outfit Details

I love Christmas cards. I love receiving them from friends and family, I love creating them to send out, and I love going back and looking at past cards throughout the years. This is only the second year I’ve sent out cards from our little family as Erick and I are on our second year of marriage. The idea of keeping this tradition going every year and to be able to look back at each card as we get older and our family eventually grows with more fur babies and even human babies one day makes my heart happy.

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Target Fall Must Haves Haul

I was recently at Target, okay hold on… I kind of have to laugh at myself for even just typing those first 5 words because I’M ALWAYS AT TARGET is more like it. I’m sure everyone has that one friend or maybe you yourself are that one friend too who literally goes to Target every 3 days or so. #NOSHAME. Anyways, Target is known for their super cute, chic, cozy, and inexpensive home decor. The last few trips I’ve had to Target though my heart rate speeds UP and I get butterfly’s in my stomach as I walk down the home decor aisles. So, with that being said I wanted to share with y’all my round up of Target fall must haves haul. These items range from holiday themed to new arrivals that you just won’t want to live without. fair warning: if you don’t like gold or A neutral color scheme this isn’t the blog post for you.

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Who doesn’t love a good dupe

with fashion evolving and changing literally every day it’s hard to keep up when you don’t have the same budget as an a list celeb. for that exact reason i seriously love a good dupe. fast fashion is just that, fast, and you don’t always want to shell out the money and invest in a shoe you might only wear for one season. when i was shopping at target over the weekend i couldn’t help but notice almost every shoe they have right now is a steve madden dupe. now, if you don’t mind spending the close to $100 on a sm shoe every time {which there’s nothing wrong with, you do you!} you might find it super annoying that they’re knocking them off. but in reality everyone’s knocking everyone off and steve madden themselves are copying a bigger designer name brand – it’s truly all a trickle effect {reminds me of my favorite scene from the devil wears prada where miranda explains the blue sweater!} i’ll have it be said that i’m a huge steve madden fan myself and own many of their shoes. anyways, if you’re into dupes and saving a penny or two keep reading for all the deets!

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Target Haul {Spring Dollar Spot}

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So I’m a little late getting this post out, I had planned to get it posted a week or so ago before our trip to Colorado but ya know, life. So though a little late I am still very excited to share my Target Spring Dollar Spot Haul with you guys today. Probably like most of you reading I am obsessed with the dollar spot at Target and I feel like with each changing season their merchandise selection just keeps getting better and better.  Literally about 2 days after Valentines day I was so excited to see there was a whole new display of pretty pastel spring themed merchandise in the dollar spot. Naturally, I loaded up my cart  and I’m here to share with you all my favorite finds and how I’ll be using them!

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