My Black Friday Sale Picks

Consider this your Elle Mae Blog master post for all things Black Friday through Cyber Monday sales. I will share some things on my Insta stories with swipe ups, some things on my ‘Shop My Insta’ page and my LIKEtoKNOWit profile but absolutely EVERYTHING will be linked here. I will continue to update this post from the pre Black Friday sales, to the Black Friday and best of the weekend sales and all the way through Cyber Monday.

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Holiday Party Dresses & Outfits

There are so many fabulous pre black Friday sales happening right now and I’ve seen so many good sales on holiday party dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, pants, shoes & accessories.  I was going to wait until I got a few of the dresses I ordered for myself in to do a blog post wearing them but these current sales are TOO GOOD to wait, I just had to share with y’all now. I’m linking ALL of my favorites below, perfect for any holiday gathering. {Per usual this post will be much more user friendly by viewing it on your desktop or iPad.}

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Best Spring 2018 Dupes

You know, honestly, I’m not sure that even if I could afford a $1000 plus handbag if I’d actually even spend the money on it. Okay, okay, maybe if I won the lottery and had unlimited funds I’d splurge on a couple real designer handbags. However, that’s unfortunately not the case right now and there’s really no point when you can find such amazing dupes out there. I’m a fan and consumer of fast fashion trends, wear it one or two seasons then sell or donate it, that I love the fact that I can find and buy a designer dupes. Yes, while it is not going to be near the same quality as the designer version, if it still hits my normal standard of quality and looks pretty freaking close to the design, I’m sold. Keep your scroll for all my current favorite handbag, shoe, jewelry, and clothing designer dupes.

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Oh Hey Vacay {My Cozy Travel Outfit + Travel Essentials}

I typically don’t publish blog post’s over the weekend but Thursday night I promised a full travel essential blog post for y’all on Friday. Unfortunately life happens and our first born fur baby, Brantley, needed our attention these past two days. After a visit to the doggie ER we found out that he has a serious UTI and bladder stones, which thank goodness are both treatable by antibiotic and prescription CD dog food which will help to minimize and dissolve the bladder stones. We are so very very thankful that it wasn’t something much more serious and that it will hopefully be an easy fix. It’s not fun watching your usually fun, full of energy, excited, happy, and goofy dog not be themselves and instead be in pain – it’s quite awful. Erick and I adopted Brantley when we were dating in college before we were even engaged, 3 years before actually. Brantley turns 6 this May which I had already been thinking about often and with friday night’s event, it made me realize just how fast time is flying by with our sweet Brantley. I wish so very badly that dogs could live to be 100 years old, it just isn’t fair. Here’s to giving all dogs, young and old, the best and healthiest lives full of love and care that we can give them.

isn’t he the cutest? okya okay, let’s talk travel essentials and outfit details now shall we.

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KCFW Outfit’s + Runway Show Details

lucy paris gold velvet wrap dress // steve madden naomi booties // FAux suede leather cross body bag

I had a ball last week during the spring/summer 2018 Kansas City Fashion Week. You can see my post including all the details from the first night at the Chiefs Style
Lounge Runway Show here. Thursday and Friday night were both filled with talented designers and fashions as well.

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KCFW { Chiefs Style Lounge Runway Show }

Mesh Belle Sleeve Blouse //  Bauble Bar DEVINA SEMI-PRECIOUS DROP EARRINGS // Steve madden indi sandal // ted baker dajana satchel // similar tb bags here and here //

Tuesday night I attended the KCFW Chiefs Style Lounge Runway show with my fabulous friend and fellow blogger Sonya. This is both Sonya and I’s first time attending KCFW which seems crazy as we both grew up here in Kansas City area and have a major love for fashion. Though I gotta say this was such a fun night to introduce us to our first Kansas city fashion week.

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Wine Weekend in Hermann, Missouri

Happy Monday y’all! I spent the weekend in Hermann, Missouri with my fabulous mother Susan and best friend Ashley. Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and I wanted to do something special and fun. I’ve always wanted to go to Hermann after hearing so many good things about the cute little german town known for their many wineries and breweries. From the amazing Aveda Elemental Nature Philosophy massage at Hermann Hill Inn, to our adorable little cottage we rented for the weekend, and the many fabulous wineries – I’ll definitely be taking a trip back soon.

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Who doesn’t love a good dupe

with fashion evolving and changing literally every day it’s hard to keep up when you don’t have the same budget as an a list celeb. for that exact reason i seriously love a good dupe. fast fashion is just that, fast, and you don’t always want to shell out the money and invest in a shoe you might only wear for one season. when i was shopping at target over the weekend i couldn’t help but notice almost every shoe they have right now is a steve madden dupe. now, if you don’t mind spending the close to $100 on a sm shoe every time {which there’s nothing wrong with, you do you!} you might find it super annoying that they’re knocking them off. but in reality everyone’s knocking everyone off and steve madden themselves are copying a bigger designer name brand – it’s truly all a trickle effect {reminds me of my favorite scene from the devil wears prada where miranda explains the blue sweater!} i’ll have it be said that i’m a huge steve madden fan myself and own many of their shoes. anyways, if you’re into dupes and saving a penny or two keep reading for all the deets!

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