January Bar Cart Refresh

So it snowed almost an entire foot here in Kansas City this weekend but that didn’t stop me from continuing my spring cleaning and organizing which turned into me revamping my bar cart. I took all the Holiday decor off my bar cart and giving it a little spring refresh. I love to revamp my bar cart every couple of months and this time around I added some pops of color because I’m totally itching for spring, which is sooo far away, so my home decor will have to fill that void of sunshine and warm weather for now.

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Palm Leaf Southern Charm OOTD Inspo

So, I’m a big bravo channel fan, always have been and always will be. it’s not even a guilty pleasure, there is no guilt from this girl, ha! i can tell you anything you want to know about any of the real housewives franchises, Jeff Lewis’s flipping out, shah’s of sunset, below deck, and the show that inspired this look, southern charm. i have been watching southern charm since it first aired in 2014 and i just love following the cast’s lives and watching them grow up {even though they’re in they’re mostly in their 30’s & 40’s} in their cute and charming town of Charleston, South Carolina. I find Charleston to be so dreamy with it’s pastel colored historical buildings and gorgeous landscapes. It’s definitely on my list for a vacation spot in the near future. Are any of you big Southern Charm or bravo fan’s? I’m slightly obsessed and also can I just say, so thankful for social media so that I can insta stalk Cam {she’s my fav} even during the off season. She’s seriously so hilarious, real, and relatable . If you aren’t following her on insta, go do it now!

Anyways, the new season of Southern Charm just started last month and watching the cast in this cute coastal town has inspired my spring/summer look I’m sharing with y’all today.

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Best Spring 2018 Dupes

You know, honestly, I’m not sure that even if I could afford a $1000 plus handbag if I’d actually even spend the money on it. Okay, okay, maybe if I won the lottery and had unlimited funds I’d splurge on a couple real designer handbags. However, that’s unfortunately not the case right now and there’s really no point when you can find such amazing dupes out there. I’m a fan and consumer of fast fashion trends, wear it one or two seasons then sell or donate it, that I love the fact that I can find and buy a designer dupes. Yes, while it is not going to be near the same quality as the designer version, if it still hits my normal standard of quality and looks pretty freaking close to the design, I’m sold. Keep your scroll for all my current favorite handbag, shoe, jewelry, and clothing designer dupes.

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Tuesday Shoesday {Target Edition}

My most popular and still my most visited blog post from 2017 is this Target/Steve Madden Dupe post. With that being said I wanted to be sure and share a round up of my favorite Target spring 2018 new shoe arrivals. Target has no problem creating designer dupes, but let’s get one thing straight, unless you’re buying something straight off the fashion week runway  everything is a dupe. it is truly all just a trickle down effect from designer to designer. in my opinion the only difference with Target creating dupes compared to other brands or retailers is that Target does it right and not only do they do it right but they do it at an affordable retail cost.

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Elbow Ruffle Sweater + New Favorite Color

Isn’t this elbow ruffle detail so fun? If you’ve followed my blog or Instagram this year you’ll know I’ve been pretty obsessed with ruffles. Basically any sweater or top I buy has some sort of ruffle detail so any time I find a  unique take on this trend I just have to have it.  Not only is the elbow placement so different and cute, but you guys, this pearl pale blue color is to die. I just love how it reminds me of spring and the warmer months ahead but yet it isn’t a bright and loud pop of color all up in your face. ya know?

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Target Haul {Spring Dollar Spot}

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So I’m a little late getting this post out, I had planned to get it posted a week or so ago before our trip to Colorado but ya know, life. So though a little late I am still very excited to share my Target Spring Dollar Spot Haul with you guys today. Probably like most of you reading I am obsessed with the dollar spot at Target and I feel like with each changing season their merchandise selection just keeps getting better and better.  Literally about 2 days after Valentines day I was so excited to see there was a whole new display of pretty pastel spring themed merchandise in the dollar spot. Naturally, I loaded up my cart  and I’m here to share with you all my favorite finds and how I’ll be using them!

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