Amazon Favorites: Beauty

Like most millennials, I’m obsessed with Amazon. I love that so many of my tried and true favorite brands are now being sold on Amazon and it makes me equally as excited when I find new hidden gem product’s and it’s an extra bonus when they happen to be prime products and/or a great price too. With having so many Amazon beauty favorites I thought it’d be fun to do a blog post sharing them in one place for you to reference. All of these products would make for fabulous gifts for your skin care & beauty obsessed friend + with only 8 days until Christmas left to shop, Amazon Prime two day shipping is here for the win. 

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My New Beauty Buys & Trys

Happy March friends, I’m taking a big sigh of relief that we made it through winter and the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. It was a beautiful sunny weekend here in Kansas City with temps in the high 60’s giving me the promise of spring which I am so ready for. Anyways, I wanted to share a round-up of beauty products that have been on my wishlist for a couple of months now and that I finally went out and picked up over the past week or so. I obviously haven’t tried these products out but for only 3-4 days now so I will be sure to do a full review with all my thoughts here in 4-6 weeks after i’ve had time to use them long term. These are products i’ve had my eye on after seeing other bloggers or beauty vloggers talk about them and having success. Along with that I also love love love to read product reviews and do my own research before purchasing any product so some of these come from my own findings and experts at beauty stores as well.

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Mask Monday: Caolion Pore Cleansing and Tightening Mask

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Happy #maskmonday! So lately I’ve been obsessed with face mask’s and by lately I mean since last May when I turned 25. I’m very fortunate to not have any major skin issues like severe acne, uneven texture or skin tone, or major sun damage. Though I will say I’ve most definitely noticed the larger appearance of my pores in the last year. Large pores can come from genetics, oily skin, or if you don’t have oily skin larger pores can come about from oil and dirt ¬†getting clogged in your skin causing the pores to swell and look larger than they normally would. If you follow the Elle Mae Bloom Facebook page (you totes should if you don’t) you’ll remember I posted about how excited I was that this particular brand was launching at Target very soon. Well, its hereeeee!

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