2018 Top Ten Blog Post’s + Most Loved Products

Hi Friends & Happy New Years Day to you & yours! I hope y’all had a fabulous week of holiday gatherings and spending time with close friends + family making wonderful memories. With the end of another year and going into the end of my 3rd year blogging I can’t thank you all enough for supporting my little blog + Instagram. It’s truly a dream to have this little creative corner on the internet and it wouldn’t be possible without y’all, so THANK YOU! I am so excited for 2019 which I have big hopes and dreams for, but first I thought it’d be fun to do a post to reflect on 2018. Excited to share my top 9 Instagram post’s, top 10 blog post’s along with the tops product’s y’all loved and bought this past year.

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Friyay Favorites {First Day of Fall}

It’s been a minute since I’ve published a blog post and an even longer minute since I’ve done a ‘Friyay Favorites’ post. I’m excited to announce after much request that these Friyay Favorites post’s will be back for good! What better way to kick it off then on the last day of summer with tomorrow being the first day of fall. Eeee!!! I’m SO EXCITED for fall, I just love the changing of seasons so much and all that comes with it. New fashions, home decor, flavors, festivities, and more. Keep your scroll to see my round up of favorites as we head into the new season.

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{2017} Home Holiday Decor

I promise i’m not crazy y’all, I just really really love Christmas. Scratch that, I really really love the entire holiday season. From October 1st through January 1st each year I soak up all the holiday cheer I can get. My fall and Halloween decor usually go up before October 1st and my Christmas decor is in the works the first week of November. For everyone out there saying, “what’s the rush!? Can’t you just enjoy each holiday before moving on and celebrating the next.” To you folks I  say, i’m not rushing anything – quite the opposite actually.

For me, this season goes by so very quickly and with each passing year it seems to just go even faster than the year before. The holiday season is truly my favorite time of the year and so with that I want to enjoy it  for as long as I possibly can. From the festive decor to the tree lines and falling leaves on the ground with their beautiful changing colors. Pumpkin spice latte’s, cozy knits, boot and booties, bonfires, and cider everything. To the first snow fall, pretty Christmas lights, cozy throw blankets, holiday movies, and festive gatherings with friends and family. Basically the holiday season, for me, is the season of nostalgia and comfort. Rule of life people: if something makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else in the process (like putting up holiday decorations for instance 😉 )how dare we feel the need to apologize for it.

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Target Fall Must Haves Haul

I was recently at Target, okay hold on… I kind of have to laugh at myself for even just typing those first 5 words because I’M ALWAYS AT TARGET is more like it. I’m sure everyone has that one friend or maybe you yourself are that one friend too who literally goes to Target every 3 days or so. #NOSHAME. Anyways, Target is known for their super cute, chic, cozy, and inexpensive home decor. The last few trips I’ve had to Target though my heart rate speeds UP and I get butterfly’s in my stomach as I walk down the home decor aisles. So, with that being said I wanted to share with y’all my round up of Target fall must haves haul. These items range from holiday themed to new arrivals that you just won’t want to live without. fair warning: if you don’t like gold or A neutral color scheme this isn’t the blog post for you.

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1 year blogiversary

exactly one year ago today i hit ‘publish’ for the first time and i’m so glad i did. i was just coming off a year of planning my dream wedding and hungry for something to fill my free time. i started elle mae bloom, which has now turned into just elle mae, as a creative outlet and platform to share my favorite fashions, beauty, decor, travel, and so much more.

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Kitchenaid Mixer + Styling

happy monday! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and had a fabulous sunday celebrating mother’s day. we couldn’t have asked for a more GORGEOUS weekend weather wise here in kansas city, it was truly perfect.

so recently my husband erick made my kitchenaid mixer dreams come true for my 26th birthday after hearing me talk about wanting one for literally 2 years straight. today I wanted to share the funny story about that along with some of my favorite kitchen ACCESSORies, styling tips, and a few recipes i can’t wait to try out in my new mixer!

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Church Pew Home Decor

This weekend I was lucky enough to inherit this gorgeous old church pew that my dad got at an auction. My parents didn’t have the room for it at their house (or didn’t want to find the room) and they knew how much I loved it. Truth be told, I really don’t have room for it at my house either but when you’re obsessed with something, you make it work!

I just loving the charming character the old distressed church pew brings into any home. You can use church pews as a bench on either side of your kitchen table, at the end of your bed, or like I did as an entryway bench. Today I’m sharing what items I used to decorate this gorgeous piece of furniture to take it to that next level.

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Target Haul {Spring Dollar Spot}

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So I’m a little late getting this post out, I had planned to get it posted a week or so ago before our trip to Colorado but ya know, life. So though a little late I am still very excited to share my Target Spring Dollar Spot Haul with you guys today. Probably like most of you reading I am obsessed with the dollar spot at Target and I feel like with each changing season their merchandise selection just keeps getting better and better.  Literally about 2 days after Valentines day I was so excited to see there was a whole new display of pretty pastel spring themed merchandise in the dollar spot. Naturally, I loaded up my cart  and I’m here to share with you all my favorite finds and how I’ll be using them!

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