January Bar Cart Refresh

So it snowed almost an entire foot here in Kansas City this weekend but that didn’t stop me from continuing my spring cleaning and organizing which turned into me revamping my bar cart. I took all the Holiday decor off my bar cart and giving it a little spring refresh. I love to revamp my bar cart every couple of months and this time around I added some pops of color because I’m totally itching for spring, which is sooo far away, so my home decor will have to fill that void of sunshine and warm weather for now.

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Happy Friyay Friends! Not a lot on my agenda for the weekend, going ¬†out to dinner with friends tomorrow, gathering up some blog content and taking photos for next weeks post’s, and getting prepped for a healthy week ahead – pretty boring! ha. I hope y’all have a much more exciting weekend plan then me! I’m excited to share with y’all this weeks round up of Friyay Favorites and I can’t wait to hear which feature is your fav?!

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Bar Cart Lovin


GUYS, the best thing¬†happened to me over the weekend. The decor gods answered my prayers and I found the bar cart of my dreams AND for the price of my dreams. I’ve been eyeing beautiful bar carts for over a year now but could never get myself to spend the $300 plus on these beauty’s ( I was unfortunately blessed with expensive taste), there always seemed to be something more important to put the money towards. BUT this weekend I just so happen to walk into a sale and that’s when I scored this gold metal and glass gorgeous bar cart originally $200 for $60! {Insert praise hands.} Today I wanted to share what goodies I keep stocked and decorated on my cart along with some recommendations for your inspiration!

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