Gift Guide for the Fitness & Athleisure Lover

Life is all about balance, am I right? Go to an indoor cycling or barre class and then enjoy a glass of wine that night at home.. errr bottle of wine? ūüôā I personally need to get back into a steady fitness routine.. it’s always a plan in my head it’s just making it an actual routine that’s the issue. Anyways, whether you’re a homebody, a fitness fanatic or like me and currently stuck somewhere in the middle – there is something for every girl in today’s gift guide.

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April Cyclebar Health & Wellness Update

I seriously can’t believe it’s almost May. That we’ve nearly completed 4 months of 2018 and summer will be here in the matter of weeks. May is always a busy month in general with graduations and Mother’s day. it’s also my birthday and for some reason I thought it’d be a good idea to make it the month of our wedding anniversary too, ha. BUSY BUSY. Anyways, before we get into the craziness of all that I wanted to share an April Cyclebar health & wellness update with y’all.

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March Health Update {My Weight Loss Journey with Cyclebar}

Six weeks into 2018 {on Feb. 11th} I shared with y’all that I was down 10 pounds and today I’m excited to share that I am down another 6 LBs. We are 11 weeks into the new year and 4 weeks since my last post update. Since beginning my weight loss journey in August 2017 I’ve lost a total of 37 LBS with 16 of those LBS being in the last 11 weeks. It’s definitely been a very slowww journey to say the least, but to be honest, it’s probably been the easiest trial of trying to lose weight that I’ve ever attempted. I’m not consumed by it, it’s not controlling my daily life, and I’m not being hard on myself by putting unnecessary pressure to hit a certain number on the scale by a specific date. by Not putting an expiration deadline on my health is what I truly believe has been the biggest factor as to why this hasn’t been such a treacherous experience for me.

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Oh Hey Vacay {My Cozy Travel Outfit + Travel Essentials}

I typically don’t publish blog post’s over the weekend but Thursday night I promised a full travel essential blog post for y’all on Friday. Unfortunately life happens and our first born fur baby, Brantley, needed our attention these past two days. After a visit to the doggie ER we found out that he has a serious UTI and bladder stones, which thank goodness are both treatable by antibiotic and prescription CD dog food which will help to minimize and dissolve the bladder stones. We are so very very thankful that it wasn’t something much more serious and that it will hopefully be an easy fix. It’s not fun watching your usually fun, full of energy, excited, happy, and goofy dog not be themselves and instead be in pain – it’s quite awful. Erick and I adopted Brantley when we were dating in college before we were even engaged, 3 years before actually. Brantley turns 6 this May which I had already been thinking about often and with friday night’s event, it made me realize just how fast time is flying by with our sweet Brantley. I wish so very badly that dogs could live to be 100 years old, it just isn’t fair. Here’s to giving all dogs, young and old, the best and healthiest lives full of love and care that we can give them.

isn’t he the cutest? okya okay, let’s talk travel essentials and outfit details now shall we.

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Leawood Cyclebar’s 1st Birthday Bash + Health Update

I’m excited to share a little update on my 2018 good health and weight loss journey with y’all on this Monday morning. We are 6 weeks into the new year and I am happy to say that I am down 10 lbs since my first post¬†which i shared with you all 5 weeks ago. I have continued to eat well and eat smaller portions, though I still indulge & honestly probably a little more than someone who is trying to lose weight really should. Along with that I’ve been going to Cyclebar in Leawood three to four days a week. Don’t get me wrong, 10 lbs down in 6 weeks is great and I’m so happy with those results as I know it very well could have been much less. These next 6 weeks though I really want to give a little more effort by really reallywatching my sugar and carb intake and start going to Cyclebar four to six times a week. Cyclebar in Leawood is celebrating their one year anniversary this month and they are doing something so fun and completely free to non members. this birthday bash event is coming at such the right time for me and it will definitely make it easy for me to bump up my weekly class attendance.

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Tuesday Shoesday {Target Edition}

My most popular and still my most visited blog post from 2017 is¬†this Target/Steve Madden Dupe post. With that being said I wanted to be sure and share a round up of my favorite Target spring 2018 new shoe arrivals. Target has no problem creating designer dupes, but let’s get one thing straight, unless you’re buying something straight off the fashion week runway ¬†everything is a dupe. it is truly all just a trickle down effect from designer to designer. in my opinion the only difference with Target creating dupes compared to other brands or retailers is that Target does it right and not only do they do it right but they do it at an affordable retail cost.

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Athleisure Goals

img_8323Happy Monday Lovlies!

Like every girl (I like to think) Monday’s are a day for fresh starts and setting goals, you can’t start something new unless it’s a Monday, it’s just the rule of life ;).¬†I usually like to blame everything on Mondays and use it as an excuse to ¬†delay my goals one more day, but not this week. Before our May wedding this year I got myself into a very healthy fitness¬†and healthy ¬†eating routine and lifestyle but just as easily as this became a routine – I fell right out of it.¬†After the wedding I told myself I deserved to take a little break for 2 weeks or so and just enjoy myself and whatever I wanted to eat, then I’d get back into my healthy routine. Well, those 2 weeks turned into 5 months later and here I am sitting here typing this post. For about 2 months now I’ve told myself I’m going to “get back into it”. Every Sunday night has been spent setting the alarm for 5AM only to wake up and hit snooze for 2 more hours. Well enough is enough and I’m ready to make a change – for real this time. My hope in sharing this is that it will hold me accountable to actually take the time out of everyday and become healthy again for myself. I’m a firm believer in “If you look good you feel good and if you feel good you do good” and well, I haven’t been feeling so good lately.

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