Leah {owner + creator}

¬†Elle Mae is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog named after nothing too fancy, the first letter in both my first and last name and my birth month with a twist on the spelling. I started Elle Mae in 2016 as a creative outlet and platform to share my current inspirations and obsessions, favorite fashions + styling tips, beauty favorites, and more. I am from a small town right outside of Kansas City and while I always dreamed of living the big and glamorous city life somewhere magical I decided to settle back down in that same little small town with my husband Erick (it’s his small town too) and our two fur babies, Brantley and Brinkley. When I’m not blogging I’m working full time as an apparel buyer for a corporate retailer.

Even though it’s still small on the big scale of things I could have never imagined my little space here on the big world wide web would grow to become what it is today. thank you so very much for stoping by, it means the world to me and I enjoy connecting with you all so much.

ps. i suck at taking photos of erick and i together, family photo including him coming soon haha. I promise i do love him :).