Amazon Favorites: Organization + Home Decor

I am so happy that y’all enjoyed the ‘Amazon Favorites: Beauty’ blog post earlier this week. Because you guys loved it so much I am going to continue with this serious and share my favorite Amazon buys and try’s among all categories. Today’s post features some of my favorite home decor buys from Amazon. Everything from gold metal straws, luxe laundry detergent, a purse organizer, gold metal I-phone stand and SO much more!

{Tyler Detergent} – I’ve talked about this glamorous detergent before but I had to bring it up again, it’s SO GOOD. It is on the pricey side, $26 for 16 oz, however I only use it on our towels and bedding. It is definitely a luxe detergent that keeps whatever you chose to wash smelling auh-mazing for a long time. I’ve received compliments on our guest bedroom sheets & towels from friends & family who have stayed over. I like both the ‘Diva’ and ‘High Maintenance’ scents, probably ‘Diva’ a little more.

{Acrylic Three Tier Glasses Holder} – I love this for displaying my current favorite sunglasses I have on rotation. This stand is also nice to place my prescription glasses on without having to worry about them getting scratched.

{Yeti Tumbler + Gold Metal Straw} – I absolutely love my Yeti tumbler and carry it with me everywhere. I even use it when at home which very much helps minimize the abundance of dirty drinking glasses that would other wise build up. I find drinking out of a straw helps me drink way more water as well. These gold metal ones are very pretty and the metal adds for a gold delivery to your mouth :). 

{Gold Keyboard + Gold Mouse + Gold Metal Mouse Pad} –  First of all this keyboard + mouse duo are Bluetooth/battery operated meaning NO WIRES which just makes everything look so much cleaner on a desk. I love the flat thin keys opposed to the thick raised keys that make me feel like I’m in the year 1990. The mouse + mouse pad are so sleek and chic, love this classy look. 

{Gold Metal iPhone Stand} – This thing is so hand to have propped up near my computer so I can see whenever I get new alerts. It’s also nice for watching shows and you can run your charger cord up underneath it. Plus, its honestly just really cute.

{Purse Organizer Insert} – This thing comes in handy for any tote bag I have. I’m known for throwing any and everything into my purse so this organizer insert helps keep all of that organized. I also love this clear insert for easier viewing of what’s all in there. 

{Acrylic Earring Stand} –  I’m not sure what I did before I found these. Actually, I know exactly what I did, I threw all my stud and small statement earrings into a bowl and would dig to find it’s match. So not productive. Not only do these stands make it easier to find pairs, it’s nice to have them all displayed making all my options easy to view. I also have this four panel acrylic stand too.

{Acrylic Organizer} – I love this guy and use mine for make up but you could totally use it for anything really. Jewelry, craft organization, nail polish, the list goes on and on. 

{Velvet Hangers + Acrylic Hangers} – The velvet hangers are great for all my silky slick fabrics, it keeps them from falling off. They are also great for sweaters and cardigans that tend to fall off too. I also love these acrylic & gold shirt and pant hangers. 

{Keurig K250 Single Serve} – I just got this super cute sandy pearl Keurig over black Friday weekend and love it. Super cute, small and easy to use, nothing complicated about it at all.

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