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Like most millennials, I’m obsessed with Amazon. I love that so many of my tried and true favorite brands are now being sold on Amazon and it makes me equally as excited when I find new hidden gem product’s and it’s an extra bonus when they happen to be prime products and/or a great price too. With having so many Amazon beauty favorites I thought it’d be fun to do a blog post sharing them in one place for you to reference. All of these products would make for fabulous gifts for your skin care & beauty obsessed friend + with only 8 days until Christmas left to shop, Amazon Prime two day shipping is here for the win. 

{Acrylic Lipstick Caps}

How great are these Acrylic Lipstick caps which just so happen to fit perfectly over Mac Lipsticks. Not only are they great if you happen to lose your original cap (which I happens to me probably too often) but I think they’re great for being  able to view all your color options without having to take the caps off.

{Coil Hair Ties}

This 18 pack of plastic coil hair ties is a must and the 18 for $12.99 is a steal. Love the neutral colors and the fact that these are made to withstand thick AF hair like mine but won’t leave a crease. They come in a darker set too for a tonal option for those with brown/black hair too. 

{Ice Roller}

This Ice Roller covers much more square footage then my jade roller and helps with puffiness and inflammation. It also helps shrink and tighten pores and can help with headaches and and sinus pain too.  

{Eyelash Separator}

I just bought this Velvet Touch Eyelash Separator and it definitely lives up to it’s hype + is a major game changer. This tool removes mascara clumps after application for defined lash definition and helps give your lashes a nice wispy curl too.

{Facial Steamer}

This Facial Steamer is a must for all my skincare obsessed girls out there. Hot steam helps open up your pores to help unclog them of dirt and bacteria. I love this particular facial steamer because it not only comes with a 5 piece stainless steal blackhead and blemish extractor tool set but I also love that this steamer has a built in towel warmer chamber. This steamer can also switch over to a humidifier setting and placed in any room to add moisture to the dry air.

{Mask Brush}

This gold brush trio {comes in a three pack but I gifted one which is why you only see two here} is perfect for applying your favorite masks, peels or serums. Helps product go on smooth and much more evenly then when using your hands which in turns helps you save and not waste that expensive skin care product!

{Indian Healing Clay}

I just bought this Indian Healing Clay which is known for it’s deep pore cleansing power and reputation for clearing up hormonal acne. It has a TON of 5 star reviews so I’m really looking forward to trying it. I’ll keep you posted.

{Facial Headband Wrap}

Three pack of spa like facial head wraps for when doing my daily skin care routine. These are an obvious must and come in other color options too.

{Skin Care Mini Fridge}

Sooo I know this may seem extra to some people however it’s almost necessary, let me tell you why. Storing skin care in your bathroom is a big no-no. I know this sounds very inconvenient but it makes sense after you think about the whys. Your bathroom is the room with the most fluctuation in temperature and humidity making it a great ground for bacteria to form (especially in jar products). This can break down oxidize products causing them to change in consistency, smell and weaken the effectiveness. (Info from @newbeauty) Keeping your products in an adorable fridge like this ultra mini fridge on your bathroom counter or under the sink is fab alternative. Studies have proven that keeping your serums, oils, moisturizers in a cool climate can help prolong their shelf life. Plus the cool temp of product going on your face can help with puffiness and inflammation (like the ice roller). 

{Dermaplane Facial Tool}

This three pack of the Schick Dermaplaning tool is the next best thing to the Dermaflash. Okay fine, it’s probably just as good and I HATE having to admit that since I splurged on the Dermaflash this past summer during the n-sale. You win some you lose some I guess. These are a MUST. This tool removes peach fuzz and dead skin which creates a barrier between your expensive skin care products and skin. Plus dead skin and peach fuzz just aren’t cute.

{Pore Nose Stripes}

These Egg Pore Nose Pack Strips are a hi-tech formula made with egg shell powder and charcoal to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads easily. A powerful suction sheet adheres to uneven skin very evenly and firmly creating very clean skin just like the surface of a boiled egg. Reviewer say they like these better then the Biore stripes… I will keep you posted!

{Aura Glow Teeth Whitening Kit}

This is the teeth whitening kit I use. It comes with  (2) 5mL teeth whitening gel syringes, containing 35% carbamide peroxide and a total of 20+ whitening treatments, mouth trays and LED light. 

{Make Up Eraser}

This make up eraser cloth changed my skin care routine a year ago and completely cut out the face wipe step. This super soft woven polyester-blend cloth gets rid of tough makeup without leaving behind a residue. You just add water to the cloth and start wiping away. 

{Additional Amazon beauty favorites}

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