Closet Room Update {Pax Wardrobe}

One positive thing about this flood remodel is it has given me the push to finally just do the things I’ve always wanted to do when it comes to organization and decorating. Being forced to clean out and get rid of all the junk I was hoarding was something I needed.  I ended up repainting my closet room ‘white dogwood’ by Sherwin Williams and convince Erick that I needed the Pax wardrobe system from IKEA.  With this new wardrobe I was able to eliminate the gold bookcase/shelves you’ll see in my ‘before’ pics below and all of the walnut wood stained shoe shelves I had too. I’m actually going to cut the long shoe shelves I had in half and paint them white and they will go on the wall where the gold clothing rack is now. Whatever shoes don’t fit I will just keep in the closet.


These are the only two photo’s I could find of ‘before’ but if you go to my Instagram profile and click through the ‘home’ highlight tab you can see a full tour of what my closet room looked like just 7 weeks ago. Pretty ironic that I posted those videos literally 2 weeks before the flood happened.


I’m obsesssssed with this IKEA Pax wardrobe system which is 100% customizable. My best advice is to go into an IKEA store if you live near one and use their computers/software to build and customize your wardrobe. They have all the the wardrobe models there for you to look at and interact with while you are designing. It was really nice to be able to measure and even physically see how tall something was or how far MY actual reach would be when designing this wardrobe. Don’t be to obsessive over the drawer/shelf placements though as these are all customizable as you are putting it together at home since it’s a peg system. If you don’t live near an IKEA don’t fret, you can use their same Pax Planner software on your home computer and like I said above everything is customizable at home when putting it together too. It was honestly just nice to see the drawers and pull out systems in person but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me if I didn’t live near one.


{Jewelry Organization}


{Vanity Benches}



You can find my gold metal clothing rack here and my over sized gold ceramic perfume bottle decor (it’s actually a piggy bank, hah!) here.


{Favorite Sweaters pictured above}

{Favorite Jackets pictured above}

{Belts + Jewelry pictured above}


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