Best Spring 2018 Dupes

You know, honestly, I’m not sure that even if I could afford a $1000 plus handbag if I’d actually even spend the money on it. Okay, okay, maybe if I won the lottery and had unlimited funds I’d splurge on a couple real designer handbags. However, that’s unfortunately not the case right now and there’s really no point when you can find such amazing dupes out there. I’m a fan and consumer of fast fashion trends, wear it one or two seasons then sell or donate it, that I love the fact that I can find and buy a designer dupes. Yes, while it is not going to be near the same quality as the designer version, if it still hits my normal standard of quality and looks pretty freaking close to the design, I’m sold. Keep your scroll for all my current favorite handbag, shoe, jewelry, and clothing designer dupes.

{cult gaia bamboo handbag}

bamboo, wicker, and straw bags are this seasons must have trend. this cult gaia bamboo bag was super popular last year and it’s back for its second act this year. with that lucky for us there are going to be many designer dupes here and this one is my fav for only $40.

{cult gaia bamboo circle handbag}

this year’s circle version of the bag is basically sold out everywhere. however i did find this dupe, though i will say with this one it’s going to be a little more obvious at first glance that it’s not the designer bag with the dupe’s faux beaded strap being done in fabric opposed to wood beads that the cult gaia bag is done in.


I mean, a dupe this good should be illegal am I right!? i’ve been obsessed with Chloe handbags for a few years now, they’re just so chic and classy looking. this suede and leather Chloe Faye handBag retails for $1950 but you can look just as chic wearing this designer dupe that won’t break the bank for only $85.

{Chloe Nile leather dupe}

Again, this chloe nile dupe looks pretty darn close to the actual designer bag. The obvious chloe label is missing and you can tell the metal is not as thick or matte but still, overall it’s a pretty fab dupe. Not to mention you can’t beat the price difference, $1690 vs. $36.

{scalloped espadrille wedges}

 speaking of making a second act, I drooled over these chloe scalloped espadrille wedges when i first saw them last year and then choked on that same drool when I saw the $660 price tag. marc fisher and steve madden had some very similar and cute dupes last year and our dupe options have just exploded for this season. i’m obsessed with this years marc fisher and steve madden scalloped designs pictured above.

{valentino Garavani Rockstud patent flat}

classic yet trendy with some edge, that is what the valentino rockstud shoe collection is to me. I’ve always admired this collection whether it be the flat, pumps, blocked heel sandals, or flat sandals. i recently came across some pretty amazing dupes for all of the above. first up, the pointed toe Valentino garavani rockstud flats, the best part about this Kaitlyn pan dupe is that you are getting some high quality shoes here. these are genuine leather and durable ABS studs opposed to cheap plastic. multiple colors options to choose from here too.


Next, the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Caged Flat Slide Sandal which retails for nearly $700. Lucky for you these $50 dupes will give you the same fabulous look all spring and summer long. They also come in multiple colors.

{Valentino Garavani Rockstud leather sandals}

I think the Valentino blocked Garavani sandals are my favorite of the collection.  Get the designer dupe which comes in multiple colors  here for only $57.  You can also find the Valentino Rockstud T-Strap Pump which retails for $995 Dupe here for $45.

{woven mules}

I’m really loving the woven mules trend this spring/summer. okay, so to be honest, i actually really love the color of the sand kristin cavallari mules better than target’s brown version. however, i think target’s black version is just as cute as the Camille by kc.

{Pink Crochet Dress}

love love love this dress and i really love the brighter pink color version by midnight macaroon much better than the designer self portrait dress.

{free people Pavlo dress}

this super cute boho chic floral embroidered dress would be perfect for spring/summer family photos or even for a bridal shower. this dupe by midnight macaroon is seriously so close to the free people one.

hope y’all found this helpful, as always please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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