Leawood Cyclebar’s 1st Birthday Bash + Health Update

I’m excited to share a little update on my 2018 good health and weight loss journey with y’all on this Monday morning. We are 6 weeks into the new year and I am happy to say that I am down 10 lbs since my first post which i shared with you all 5 weeks ago. I have continued to eat well and eat smaller portions, though I still indulge & honestly probably a little more than someone who is trying to lose weight really should. Along with that I’ve been going to Cyclebar in Leawood three to four days a week. Don’t get me wrong, 10 lbs down in 6 weeks is great and I’m so happy with those results as I know it very well could have been much less. These next 6 weeks though I really want to give a little more effort by really reallywatching my sugar and carb intake and start going to Cyclebar four to six times a week. Cyclebar in Leawood is celebrating their one year anniversary this month and they are doing something so fun and completely free to non members. this birthday bash event is coming at such the right time for me and it will definitely make it easy for me to bump up my weekly class attendance.

Nike Zip Jacket // Nude Capri Leggings // Nike nude airmax thea here and similar here and here// Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses // Gold mesh Apple watch band

aren’t these nude capri leggings so cute? They’re only $17 too, such a steal. I picked these up a few weeks ago at forever 21 and i have to say I was very impressed with their entire activewear collection. so many cute and trendy pieces including this jacket with metallic stripes that pairs perfectly with these nude leggings. my white nike zip jacket with back hem taping i also just recently picked up and it is on sale for under $50. these tan and white nikes I bought last year and still love them so much.

{cyclebar Leawood’s 1st birthday bash

february 19th – 25th}

to celebrate their 1st birthday cyclebar leawood is offering FREE rides all of next week. yep, that’s right, completely free classes starting the 19th through the 25th! these Special Rides will include Live DJ Rides; Glow Rides; Dual CycleStar Rides; and Music Video Rides. there will also be a chance to enter to win some amazing prizes. to get signed up for this super fun celebration week, head on over to  LEAWOOD.CYCLEBAR.COM asap and head to the schedule tab as booking has already started and classes are filling up fast!

{what i’m eating}

As I’ve been sharing my weight loss goals & results the most common question i get from people is ‘what are you eating?’ and ‘what have you cut out?’. With that being said I wanted to share my typical day-to-day food choices with y’all. This is what has worked for me but i’m no dietitian and just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you, everyone is different. as for what I’ve cut out of my diet, i feel like it’s exactly what you’d expect. all processed and packaged food, refined sugar, fast food, and pop.

{My typical day of food}

Breakfast: After my morning cyclebar class I will grab a banana from their kitchenette to eat on my short drive over to the office. I then enjoy a premier protein shake as I get ready for the day. I don’t drink coffee though it’s not because I don’t like it. I found I don’t need the coffee/caffeine like most people claim & I honestly just drank it for the warm comforting feel so this wasn’t hard for me to cut out. When I’m craving it though I’ll get a skinny caramel macchiato made with almond milk.

Lunch: I have a couple different options here. typically i will eat leftovers from our hello fresh meals we’ve been cooking at home. If we don’t have leftovers I either stop by my local eat fit go and grab a single meal, my local smoothie king for a meal replacement smoothie, or chipotle if i’m having a craving.

dinner: pretty much the same scenario as above. Oh, I also love love love Tloft for all my local gals.

Snacks: a piece of fruit or all natural no sugar added fruit gummies, skinny pop popcorn, protein balls.

{What I’m eating when “cheating” or indulging} 

alcoholic beverages like my favorites moscato wine & Margarita’s, chocolate – though i will say I’ve gotten so much better about this & can now limit myself to little pieces here & there. Last but definitely the most challenging is going out to eat on the weekends with friends & family, the weekends are the hardest!

i’d love to hear your suggestions on healthy snacks in the comments below & please let me know if you have any questions about signing up for cyclebar’s 1st birthday bash rides!

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  1. Laurient says:

    Get it girl! 10 lbs down is an amazing feeling! I recently got into cycling and it has quickly become my favorite work out! Also, I’m totally stopping at Forever21 on the way home because those leggings are so cute!

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