Must Have Mask Monday + My Round Up of Current Favorite Beauty Products

Like most women I have become obsessed with skin care, really just self-care in general, since being in my mid twenties. In my late teen years and even my early twenties I think I pretended to care and thought I was doing ‘good enough’ when it came to taking care of my skin. Ohhh boy, was I so very wrong about this. It was probably age 23 that my skin started showing the first signs of aging as in ‘you’re not 13 anymore and can’t just go to bed with out washing your face and everything be okay’. It was age 24 and the year I got engaged that I actually made the commitment to start doing something about it. Basic things like drinking plenty of water, using SPF on the daily, and washing your face every night before bed are all very important, yes. Though in my personal opinion finding the right products that are proven with reviews and stand the test of being great quality is right up at the top of the list. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite skin care products along with hair care products that I’ve been using within the last few months and even some of them for half my life.

 Favorite Skin Care Products 

{Peter Thomas Roth un-wrinkle 24k gold intense sheet mask}

okay, i have to start with this life changing & holy grail of all face sheet mask’s. i’m as serious as serious gets when i say life changing. at the beginning of the year i heard a lot of hype about this un-wrinkle 24k gold sheet mask by peter Thomas roth and a couple of months ago i decided to buy one and give it a try. i’m so sorry it took me this long to share my results. this anti aging face mask has 18 powerful peptides that minimize fine lines and wrinkles and yes it actually has 24 karat gold in the serum which is known for its anti inflammatory benefits. this mask might seem pricey at $12 a sheet but hear me out. this mask left my face so very hydrated, moisturized, and gave my skin an overall smooth texture. my favorite part about this mask is that i could seriously see an instant result when it came to it’s brightening effects. i have a few sun spots from past sunburns and these were noticeably lighter after the one time use. after I took the mask off I rubbed in all the excess serum and was happily surprised at the gold sheen that my skin was left with. this would be the perfect pre party or event mask as it gives your skin a serious glow. the one time use is well worth the $12 to me but if that wasn’t enough for you, the packet has so much serum left in the bottom, i stuck mine in the fridge for cooling and de-puffing effects and got 2-3 more uses out of the serum from just one packet! my goal is to treat myself to this mask once every other week.

{ murad rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum }

another great serum i’ve used for dark spots and sun damage is this murad rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum. this stuff works fast, i saw results after one week and after finishing the bottle my dark spots were completely gone. this is a great product to buy at this time of the year coming off of the harsh summer sun months. this serum also helped even out my all over skin tone.

{ farsali rose gold elixir }

i RECEIVED a free sample of this beauty oil and loved it so much! you can use this as a daily moisturizer or add a few drops to favorite foundation for added glow. this oil also helps bring dried out make up back to life with a single drop. no wonder i love this product as it is also made with 24 karat gold that leaves your skin with a radiant glow while linolenic acids, vitamin C, and vitamin A prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

{ the true cream aqua bomb by belief }

this is another product i received a sample of and had to go out and buy it right away. this is a super super super lightweight cream that lives up to its name and is truly an aqua bomb. it basically melts into your skin as it cools and REFRESHENS. nourishing the DRIEST skin while also helping minimize pores and balance out uneven skin tone. the super light weight and gel-like (though not sticky) texture is what sold me.

{ st. ives blemish control apricot face scrub }

my tried and true favorite exfoliating face wash. i’ve talked about his face wash on here a couple of times before but i just can’t do one of these post without touching on it. i’ve used this face scrub 2-3 times a week since junior high and swear by it. this all natural scrub deep cleans pores while helping minimize them and prevents acne at the same time.

{ st. tropez self tanner }

another favorite product, this self tanning mousse is my all time fav. i told my self after my wedding in 2016 that i would never tan in a tanning bed again. along with that i told myself i would take preventive measure to protect my skin when out in the sun. sun damage is the number 1 sign of aging, and more importantly overexposed sun DAMAGE from harmful uv rays can give you skin cancer. i wish SO BADLY THAT it didn’t take me until my mid twenties to take that previous sentence so seriously. ANYWAYS, AFTER TAKING THAT VOW TO MYSELF I WAS ON THE SEARCH FOR THE VERY BEST SELF TANNERS AND ST. TROPEZ IS AT THE TOP OF THE LIST. don’t forget to buy the applicator mitt to avoid stained palms.

ps. i’ve really been wanting to try the st. tropez in shower gradual tan, i think i’ll pick that up on my next visit.

Favorite Hair Care Products

{ pureology strength cure split end salve treatment }

this is the one product that i’ve seen proven results with when it comes to mending and preventing split ins. I’ve tried dozens of expensive hair mask’s and even a salon treatment and while those all left my hair feeling super smooth and soft, they didn’t stop split ends and hair breakage.

{ t3 twirl convertible 1.25″ curling iron }

i actually just received my t3 curling iron in the mail and I have only been using it for a week now but i can tell you it 100% lives up to it’s prestige reputation. i was using a hot tools 1″ barrel for about 3 years before purchasing my t3 and have zero bad things to say about it. my hot tools curling iron is great quality and lasted me 3 years of use, and is still working. I just really wanted to try the t3 as i’ve hear so many amazing things about i and curl my hair pretty much everyday (everyday i do it AT LEAST.) since my hot tools iron is a 1″ barrel i decided to go with the 1.25″ t3. the best part about the t3 is that it’s convertible and if i want to buy a different size later and switch out my barrel i can. the tapered tourmaline + ceramic barrel leave you with frizz-free and shiny curls/waves.

{ triple sec 3-1 by drybar }

i absolutely swear by triple sec, it’s truly heaven on earth sent by the hair gods. this product adds texture and volume for tousled sexy look. triple sec also acts as a dry shampoo soaking up any oils and leaving hair feeling fresh and clean.

{ pureology colour stylist strengthening control zero dulling hairspray }

for an everyday flexible hold hairspray i love this one by pureology. it’s super lightweight but still holds hair in place where you want it. not sticky/TACKY and can still run your fingers through your hair. this stuff smells so good too.

{ redken no blow dry bossy cream }

i’m lucky to have super thick hair that only needs washed every three days. however, with that thick hair i also have super coarse, dry, and BRITTLE hair which makes hair washing day a dreaded one for me. i shower at night so i never use a blow dryer to dry my hair and instead allow it to air dry. when i wake up i look like a wild lioness with super poofy, frizzy, and coarse texture. i could never leave the house without styling my hair first after it air drys until i found redken’s no blow dry nbd cream. this stuff is a real game changer and allows me to wake up and head out the door without having to take a hot tool to it or throw it up on my head first. this product comes in the pink bottle for coarse thick hair, blue bottle for medium hair, and green bottle for fine hair.

{ it’s a 10 miracle leave-in product }

while this product is meant to be used as a leave in conditioner i use it for it’s magical detangling powers. this is by far the very best and #1 product i’ve used for easy and pain free detangling.


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