Hello friends and happy August to you! I can’t believe it’s already August and that summer is coming to an end, doesn’t it feel like it was just memorial day!? Today I wanted to do a fun list THEMED blog post including all things to do in the month of August before the summer ends! ENJOY!


Main Image - Alex and Ani 'Charity by Design - Best Friends' Adjustable Wire Bangles (Set of 2)

happy belated girlfriends daY TO ALL MY FABULOUS GIRLS OUT THERE! WHO KNEW THERE WAS SUCH A DAY, THOUGH IT FEELS LIKE THERE’S A DAY FOR EVERYTHING NOW! BUY Yourself & your BESTIE These adorable alex and ani bracelets  to celebrate the occasion!

{go to the fair}

august is known for county and state fairs everywhere! we actually just had our local fair last week, it was earlier than usual this year. it made for a perfect and easy date night including fried oreos and limeaids for the win. this would be a perfect backdrop for family or friend photo’s too!

{august 3rd – watermelon day}

like i said, there is literally a day for everything now, haha. celebrate watermelon day with this DELICIOUS watermelon cucumber mojito, yum!  sip on your cocktail while floating on this super cute watermelon floatie which is on sale for $36 – it’s ORIGINALLY $60!

{ office supply revamp }

DIY gold office supplies without spray painting More

what better time to buy cute new office supplies while all the back to school supplies is out! i mean, Everyone needs a gold stapler in their life 🙂

{ august 6th – root beer float day }

Boozy Maple Ice Cream Root Beer Floats

i’ve learned over the years people either love or hate root beer floats, there is no IN BETWEEN. I happen to be one of those people who LOVES them. I loved going to RESTAURANTS as a kid and ordering the old-fashioned glass bottle root beers thinking I was so cool. now as an adult i’m excited to try this ‘boozy  maple ice cream root beer float’ – looks so good!

{ read the september issues }

top fashion magazines including the it magazine, vogue, release their september issues in august. the september issues are so big because september is when new york fashion week happens. this is also the time where we shift from spring/summer to fall/winter fashions and trends. who do you y’all think will grace the cover of vogues september issue this year?

{ august 10th – smores day }

How to make smores dip with chocolate chips, marshmallows and graham crackers. |

You’ve probably seen pictures of this DELICIOUS smores skillet dip pop up all over your PiNTEREST pages. well, I gave it a try earlier this summer and let me tell you it is top NOTCH. it’s so easy to make and as delicious as it looks!

{ fall shopping }

<img src=”” alt=”white is everything….

if you haven’t already noticed all summer sales are in full swing including all summer decor, clothing and swim suits! you’ll start to see more and more fall clothing arrive at your favorite stores. some stores even have pre fall sales so take full advantage of those! i know it’s hard to buy a heavier weight fall sweater when it’s 100 degrees outside but i wouldn’t pass on anything you ABSOLUTELY love as it will sell out and plus the fall weather will be here soon!

{ august 24th – national waffle day}

Maple Pecan Waffles recipe from

who doesn’t love waffles? they’re my favorite breakfast food! these maple pecan waffles look auh-mazing too and the perfect ease into fall theme as well 🙂

{ soak up the sunshine and pool time }

it’s pretty common that most public pools close on labor day weekend or around the time school starts. this means august is your last full month to make splash in the water and enjoy that watermelon floatie from above!

{ august 26th – national dog day }



enjoy your august y’all!

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  1. Monika says:

    What a fun read! I especially love that watermelon day (that drink!) and the office supply revamp! Who wouldn’t love office supplies that pretty?

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