Who doesn’t love a good dupe

with fashion evolving and changing literally every day it’s hard to keep up when you don’t have the same budget as an a list celeb. for that exact reason i seriously love a good dupe. fast fashion is just that, fast, and you don’t always want to shell out the money and invest in a shoe you might only wear for one season. when i was shopping at target over the weekend i couldn’t help but notice almost every shoe they have right now is a steve madden dupe. now, if you don’t mind spending the close to $100 on a sm shoe every time {which there’s nothing wrong with, you do you!} you might find it super annoying that they’re knocking them off. but in reality everyone’s knocking everyone off and steve madden themselves are copying a bigger designer name brand – it’s truly all a trickle effect {reminds me of my favorite scene from the devil wears prada where miranda explains the blue sweater!} i’ll have it be said that i’m a huge steve madden fan myself and own many of their shoes. anyways, if you’re into dupes and saving a penny or two keep reading for all the deets!

{Steve Madden pearl slide Vs. Target Pearl Slide}

on the left is the popular steve madden jole pearl slide sandal that retails for $69.95 and on the right is target’s dupe, the Margo pearl slide sandal for $24.99. These are also avilable in black by both brands.

{steve madden glamour sneaker vs. target raquel sneaker}

i actually just bought this beauty from target over the weekend and so far i’m pleased. I wore them all day and they didn’t rub my feet or heels and were very comfortable, not to mention either option are both so cute. the steve madden glamour retails for $89.95 and target’s brand at $27.99.

{steve madden krista platform wedge vs. target lizzie platform wedge}

so every time i’m out shopping and see platform wedges like this i always try them on and then leave empty handed. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that i grew up in the 90’s and all i can think about is the spice girls or brats dolls when i see these or that my feet are so huge that i just don’t have the confidence to pull these trendy wedges off. However, those are just my personal issues and i really love this trend and think they look so cute on other girls. The steve madden krista on the left retails for $89.95 and target’s lizzie on the right retails for $27.99.

{steve madden silky slide vs. target’s julisa slide}

again, the 90’s trend is back with slides all over the place this summer. these silk bow slides in this pinky nude color are so cute. steve madden silky on the left retail for $39.95 and target’s julisa slide at $22.99.

{steve madden swizzle sandal vs. target’s ginger sandal}

okay guy’s i promise i’m not trying to only find neutral shoes here – lol. it does work out though because as you all know i’m a neutral fan for life! loving these suede fridge and lace up sandals. the steve madden swizzle on the left retail at $79.99 and target’s ginger at $22.99. both options also come in black.

{steve madden lancer sneaker vs. target’s kressi sneaker}

i bought the sm lancer sneaker in blush this spring and looove it. target actually has a blush version as well but it is currently sold out online. the steve madden lancer retails for $69.95 and target’s kressi retails at $27.99.

{steve madden quilted slip on vs. Target’s reese slip on}

okay guys, these ones are so close i was getting confused while typing this up. i own these target dupes and again just like the above target raquel sneaker they are very comfortable. the steve madden quilted retail for $69.95 and the target one’s retail for $24.99. both options come in multiple colors too.

alright y’all that’s all for now on my steve madden vs. target dupe round up. do you have a favorite dupe on a designer product? I’d love for you to share in the comments below!



16 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love a good dupe

  1. Vivi says:

    Okay, all of the items are beyond cute and stylish. I was always in the belief that Steve Madden dupes from designers but color me shocked that Target does the same!

    I don’t mind dupes. But I truly can’t go for something that’s SO obvious. Like brands/retailers duping the very popular Valentino Rockstuds.

    • Leah Lowe says:

      I agree with you on the obvious designer dupes as well. You also have to be careful when it comes to quality but luckily all of these Target dupes haven’t disappointed me yet!

  2. Meaghan says:

    This is so crazy that they can copy each other so exactly!! They literally look like the same shoe in most of these styles. I don’t know if that makes me happy or sad that these two brands are selling the same shoes. Like you said, everyone’s copying everyone! I do love those slides!!

    Meaghan xx

    • Leah Lowe says:

      Yes, I was super shocked to see the identical duplication as well and at first was like whhhhaaaat!? Because I had bought some of the Steve Madden ones a month or so ago so I felt a bit mad about it too. Then I realized there’s no reason when you can get basically the exact same shoe for half the price! 🙂 To each their own though!

  3. paulashoefiend says:

    All these shoes are super cute – I agree with you, why spend $90 on Steve Madden (that theyve ripped off a high end designer) when you can get the identical thing at Target for $30!!? It’s economics 😉

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

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