Name Brand Beauty Products Worth the Splurge 

Hey y’all and happy Tuesday to you! So last week I shared a few of my favorite drugstore beauty products with you guys & I received such a high response of questions & comments – I’m so glad you enjoyed it! With that being said I wanted to start this week off by sharing a few of my favorite name brand beauty products that I feel are worth the splurge! Disclaimer: I am by no means anywhere near being a MUA – psh I wish. These are all just products I have found work best for me over the years.

{bye bye undereye concealer by It Cosmetics}

I’ve always had pretty bad & visible dark circles under my eyes so under eye concealer is something I’ve tried a ton of different brands in, both drugstore & name brand. when it comes to name brand this has got to be the holy grail of under eye concealers. Bye bye under eye by it cosmetics is a full coverage concealer that truly only takes one application & last all day long. It’s also available in an illuminating version if you’d like even more brightness in your eye area. Set it with a translucent setting powder for the ideal finish.


“Two years ago Jaclyn Hill teamed up with Becca to drop her first big makeup collab, and the universally flattering highlighter they came up with sold out in 20 minutes. Since then, it’s been restocked and out of stock several times. And in between all of that, it become one of the Internet’s most beloved highlighters.” – Allure Magazine –

So I’m late to the game & I just bought this highlighter a few weeks ago after traveling with a friend. I borrowed hers & just like that my life instantly changed, haha, but seriously. This champagne pop highlighter is gorgeous in color & truly gives that perfect highlight to finish off any make up routine. the first week i wore this I was finding that if I accidentally touched my face the highlighter would get on my hands & then all that shimmer got on my paperwork. therefore, I highly recommend using a setting spray to keep it in place and from spreading from your face to hands.

{Urban decay all nighter make up setting spray}

Did someone say setting spray? Urban Decay has been my go to setting spray for a few years now & I just love it. I use this to set my make up, let dry, then i do a final spritz of pixi glow mist for a dewy finish and you’re all set {no pun intended}.


I love to splurge on name brand lipstick for a couple reasons. The first being the variety of colors to choose from & the smooth application. I absolutely love this color from YSL it’s color 49 Rose Tropical- hot pink. This color is so bright & fun especially with a good tan in the summertime. The second reason I love designer lipstick is for the nostalgic reason of watching my mom put on lipstick as a little girl & it just makes me feel so grown up and puts a little extra pep in my step.

{Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic’ Swish & Pop Blush}

Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blush is a two-step application ritual featuring two creamy, color-rich shades filled with finely crushed pearls to give your skin a limitless glow. This blush is definitely worth the splurge, it goes on so smooth & last all day. I absolutely love “Ecstasy” which has a more coral & bronze feel and “Love Is The Drug” is the perfect bright pink pop of color for summer!

{DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE Ferulic + Retinol Anti-Aging Moisturizer}

I tried this moisturizer with ferulic and retinol for the first time this spring and just emptied my jar, so i obvi loved it. Not only does this specific moisturizer help with anti aging with the retinol but it truly helped with my dryness, dullness, and uneven skin tone.

{Mario Badescu Drying Lotion}

Main Image - Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

love love love this mario badescu drying lotion. It’s truly come to my recuse more than once when i have a pesky pimple that pops up right in time for a big event. Dab the drying lotion on your problem pimples or white heads and keep on over night, you’ll wake up with a COMPLETELY vanished pimple or at least a much smaller one in size and redness.

viola, that completes my first round up of name brand beauty products worth the splurge. i’d love to hear what beauty products y’all love to splurge on in the comments below!



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