Embroidery Every Way

One of the hottest trends this season is embroidery. It can be found on jackets, blouses, denim, shoes, and purses. Personally I  was a bit skeptical about this trend when I first started to see it on the runway a couple years ago but I do have to admit the trend has grown on me since and I find it perfect for the hot summer season and really even as we make our way into fall.

embroidery gives a soft girly touch to a more MASCULINE piece like a denim jacket or button front shirt. IT also brings back the boho free spirit vibe of the 60’s and 70’s our mothers once rocked.

I found this adorable off the shoulder cotton embroidered dress with long bishop sleeves and flared cuffs and just had to get it. it’s not only super cute but with it being cotton it’s lightweight and comfortable for those hot summer days.

Aren’t the VIBRANT colors so fun and PERFECT for summer!? I do have My one little complaint about this dress though and it is how easily it wrinkles. I had steamed it right before shooting but had to run and errand first, so all the wrinkles you see are from sitting in the car for 20 minutes – which is a BUMMER.  Anyways, I’m still wildly obsessed with the EMBROIDERY trend and can’t wait to keep rocking it all summer long.

are you loving this trend or not so much? I would love to hear!


x – Leah

18 thoughts on “Embroidery Every Way

  1. chuky1958 says:

    I love how this dress suits you! And about how it easily wrinkles, don’t worry, Spanish Designer Adolfo Dominguez says that “The wrinkle is chic” Because there is nothing better than natural fibers!

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