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happy monday! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and had a fabulous sunday celebrating mother’s day. we couldn’t have asked for a more GORGEOUS weekend weather wise here in kansas city, it was truly perfect.

so recently my husband erick made my kitchenaid mixer dreams come true for my 26th birthday after hearing me talk about wanting one for literally 2 years straight. today I wanted to share the funny story about that along with some of my favorite kitchen ACCESSORies, styling tips, and a few recipes i can’t wait to try out in my new mixer!

{ the kitchenaid story }

KitchenAid unveiled a champagne gold colored stand mixer at the Housewares Show.:

so right after we got engaged in june 2015 (man that sounds like so long ago now) like any bride i was so excited to put together our wedding website and gift registry. one of the fancier items on the registry was of course a gorgeous CHAMPAGNE gold KITCHENaid mixer stand. now, i’m the first to tell you i’m an awful cook though i do enjoy baking and this appliance is not only gorgeous but a lifelong investment piece i’ll have forever and use to bake with my kids and GRAND KIDS for years and years and that’s why i wanted it so badly. anyways,that following may a few weeks before our wedding i looked at the registry to see what all had been FULFILLED (bad bride i know, but i was literally the kid that opened and RE WRAPPED their Christmas presents, i can’t help it!) i SQuealed so loud when i saw the mixer had been purchased that erick heard me from outside and came running in because he thought something was wrong – needless to say i was very excited. So the wedding came and gone and we had the most fabulous time. then it came time to open our gifts the next day. we had opened all our gifts and couldn’t be more GRATEFUL for all the love and well wishes we RECEIVED that i didn’t even notice we hadn’t opened up a SHINY new kitcenaid mixer i had freaked out about just a few weeks earlier. it wasn’t until we were on our honeymoon that i randomly thought of it and realized oh my gah the kitchenaid mixer!!! i went as far as to calling the store we REGISTERED at to see what had gone wrong as the item was marked as FULFILLED (which takes more than just one easy click) long story short we never RECEIVED the mixer and it’s been a long running joke that someone brought it home and was like ‘hey this is pretty nice’ and kept it for THEM SELf or maybe it truly was an ACCIDENTALLY click, REGARDLESS erick has had an earful for the past 2 years. he was sweet enough (probably for his own sake) to get me the famous kitchenaid mixer for my birthday and i couldn’t be any more excited!

{ styling }

kitchenaide mixer stand // rifle paper co. recipe box // copper measuring cups/spoons // gold whisk // celebrate by lauren conrad

EEE! doesn’t it just look so pretty on the counter top? it’s like it’s been waiting its whole life to come home there. these gorgeous flowers were also a birthday present that i couldn’t resist making a cute LITTLE ARRANGEMENT in for these photos. i just love my rifle paper co. recipe box that my sweet bestie ashley got me and had all my friends and family fill with recipes for my bridal shower. i actually forgot about this box until recently and now with the new mixer i can’t wait to dig in and try some of them out. these copper measuring cups/spoons will sure come in handy for all the baking i’m about to CONQUER and i love having a variety of whisk’s, wooden spoons, SPATULAS, and other UTENSILS within reach while baking. you can’t see it in the photo but i keep them all in this marble holder which i love and is definitely easy on the eye’s. I also always have entertaining and recipe books nearby including my favorites celebrate by lauren conrad, all in good taste by kate spade, and audrey at home:memories of my mothers kitchen.

{ recipes to try }

i’m going to take it easy and just go hard with baking for now and work my way into cooking. i know to most of you this probably sounds silly but i legit don’t enjoy nor am i good at cooking so this will be the best route 🙂

{ bakery style chocolate chip cookies }

Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies |

Jessica from Stuck on sweet say’s these are the”Perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies that are slightly crispy and chewy with the perfect amount of chocolate chips” sign me up!!

{ cheesecake truffle brownies }

Cheesecake Truffle Brownies stack

these brownies look heavenly and are made with Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles – jaw dropped. can’t wait.

what’s your favorite thing to make with your kitchenaid stand!? even if it’s not a baking recipe, i’d still love to hear it! 🙂


x – Leah

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  1. linettemd says:

    Love the mixer and the pictures!! I need to try some of these recipes!


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