{Wedding Wednesday} Wedding Shoes

Happy Wedding Wednesday my friends. Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite wedding day accessories… eeee! Wedding Shoes! Not only is this an accessory where  you get to put your personality into it which makes it so much fun BUT don’t be fooled, this is also a very important decision. It’s so important to make sure you find a shoe that fits properly and that is sustainable for walking down the aisle, trucking through a field to get that perfect shot that will hang on your living room wall forever, and that can withhold your feet all night on the dance floor. A pair of ill-fitting shoes can ruin anyone’s regular day, how awful would it be to be in discomfort on your wedding day!

{ The Embellished Heel }

Sharing my favorite wedding shoe look first, the embellished heel. It’s not everyday you get to walk around in a blinged out shoe and three is something that just screams bridal to me about these heels. Whether it’s a dramatic back embellishment, a full coverage, or just the tiniest of bling you just can’t go wrong. Embellished heels make for the most gorgeous wedding photos as well, see for yourself. My favorite designer when it comes to these embellished beauty’s is the same designer I wore on my wedding day, Badgley Mischka..

{ The Embellished Sandal }

This is my  first choice alternative to the embellished heel. This is a perfect substitute for you girls who don’t want to be in a heel all day but still want that gorgeous embellishment. Plus with a sandal you get to show off a pretty pedi which is always a plus.

{ The Wedding Tennie }

Okay y’all I have to be completely honest with you here and tell you that this is not my favorite look. When the whole tennis shoes with prom dresses trend started happening I literally wanted to die. I absolutely hated it. Over the past year or so and especially after getting married myself I can understand why some girls would rather go with this look. As I mentioned above comfort is key and why would a girl who’s never worn heels in her life or hardly ever does choose to wear them on one of the most important days of her life.  With that being said, I want to make it clear that I’ve only found one shoe in this category that has the EMB seal of approval and it’s this pretty Kate Spade collab with Keds which comes in both a pretty bridal white or rose pink.

{ Something Blue Shoe }

I always think it’s so much fun when brides make their ‘something blue’ their wedding shoes! You will be sure to make a statement and stand out in your unique choice.

{ Embellished Flats }

Still want closed toe wedding shoes but don’t digging the casual sneaks? An embellished flat is the route for you. Still feel comfortable and girly with a sparkly flat and not have to endure the pain a heel might bring you.

{ Details }

I love the idea of your groom writing a sweet message on the bottom of your wedding shoes. You have your calligrapher write your favorite love quote or a simple pretty ‘I do’. I think this makes the shoes that much more special and something you can always cherish. Another helpful detail if you will be having an outdoor ceremony or even taking pictures outdoors are these handy little high heel stopper that keep your heels from sinking into the grass.

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