Monday Motivation: What I’m doing to kick it into gear these next 12 weeks


We have exactly 12 weeks until memorial day weekend and what most view as the kickoff start date to summer. The way I see it is I can either be blown away by how much my body, mindset, energy, stress, and all over health has improved for the best come May 27th OR I can be exactly where I am now which is not being happy with my overall health.

Long story short, last June 2016 right when we got back from our honeymoon through the holidays of 2016 this past year I literally let myself go. I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted and didn’t think twice about. The further into the year we got the more and more unhappy I became about the weight I was gaining and then instead of stopping right then & there & fixing the problem I instead emotionally turned to food to make myself ‘feel better’ about gaining the weight, it makes zero sense – I know. But it happens/happened. I would emotionally eat when I was happy, excited, sad, angry it didn’t matter. I don’t know exactly what’s to blame for this weight gain, if it’s  because I pushed myself so hard before the wedding and reached my goal of losing 30 lbs and just needed a ‘break’ or if something else is to blame. Regardless I promised to end these unhealthy habits at the start of the new year. I’ve done a fairly good job about making those small changes in my diet and daily routine to get healthier but I’m ready to kick it up into full force these next 12 weeks to feel comfortable in my own skin – something that I’m currently not.

With all of the above being said, today I wanted to share what my top motivators will be during these next twelve weeks. Some of them being a little more personal and others more light hearted like being able to confidentially wear a bikini this summer. To hold myself accountable I plan to do an update here on the blog every Monday. I hope you’ll enjoy following along this health journey and I’d love to hear all your tips, tricks, and advice along the way!

{ Sugar Substitute }

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It’s been said that sugar is more addictive then cocaine and I hate to say I’m probably a key example of a sugar addict. Here’s the deal, I really really REALLY wish I could just cut out sugar cold turkey, but I can’t. I mean maybe if someone said they’d give me $10K I could do it but as of yet no one has come forward with that offer so for now it’s all about the healthy substitutes. I was born with a sweet tooth and the craving has only grown with age. Knowing there is healthier alternatives out there will keep me motivated by not feeling deprived and loving help me stay on track.

{ Spring & Summer Fashions }

The bulky fall and winter layers don’t help the figure much but what I find even worse is not feeling confident in the arm and leg bearing spring and summer fashions. While I might not feel 100% confident this spring as my body goes through the changes I refuse to feel this same way all summer long. Plus, getting to buy new clothes once the weight comes off will be so much fun!

{ Swimwear }

To go along with the above, there’s nothing more motivating than bikini season. I don’t have a tropical vacation planned, we don’t own a boat or have a pool in our backyard but I never want to have to lie and say “I can’t make it” when a friend invites us because I don’t feel confident in a swimming suit.

 { To FEEL good }


There’s definitely been a few things that have physically changed since gaining some weight back and I just know if I get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle these pains will go away on their own. It’s also very hard to give your best to others and important projects you have going on when you don’t feel your best. At age 25 I should be in my prime and have no excuse to not feel good everyday. Time to get serious and fuel my body with nutrients & not flood it with crap.

What keeps you motivated & determined to stay on track? I’d love to hear!


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14 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: What I’m doing to kick it into gear these next 12 weeks

  1. Jana says:

    I totally know what you mean! I got married back in August and have started to feel pretty similarly. I know they say when you are happy it’s easy to gain those extra lbs! 12 weeks is a great amount of time to get back on track! Thanks for the motivation, I’ll be working on my fitness right there with ya! Jana |

  2. nicoleraithel says:

    Fellow sugar addict here too! And I am not half as fit as I would like. My little girls keep me motivated to move and fit and I need the energy to run after them! But I struggle with the healthy food part.
    All those motivators your posted are spot on! Thanks for sharing! Nicole

  3. tiffanymarieschmoyer says:

    Definitely don’t have any tips or tricks because I am right there with you on flooding my body with crappy food!! Cheers to finding that motivation love, because I am currently trying to get a good balance with meals, gym time etc. and it is tough!

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