Wedding Wednesday: My 5 Favorite Engagement Ring Looks


Becoming engaged is one of the most exciting and fun times in a girl’s life.  You’ve done the hard work of finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with but don’t forget the importance of making sure that person knows just exactly what your style is before he (or she) pops the question. An engagement ring is something you are going to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY for the rest of your life and shouldn’t be treated as just another piece of jewelry – it’s the holy grail of jewelry! With that being said today I’m sharing my 5 favorite looks when it comes to engagement rings.

 I should let you know that I’m obsessed with engagement ring designer Susie Saltzman. She is based out of New York City and you can either make an appointment with her in her showroom or if you aren’t wanting to make the special trip you can consult via email to design your one of a kind ring. I love her designs as they are a step up from the traditional engagement ring and full of so much gorgeous detail. All rings featured in this post are by Susie Saltzman.

{ Oval }

This gorgeous oval cut diamond with the halo of diamonds surrounding the center stone with the gold band is so dreamy. Something about the oval shape just screams royalty to me.

{ One of a Kind }

This one of a kind antique ring is not only gorgeous but so special as I’m positive you’ll be the only one of your girlfriends to have a ring like this.

{ Cluster }

How beautiful is the cluster diamond ring!? You’re sure to stand out and make a statement with this beauty.

{ 3 stone }

Why just settle for one diamond when you can have 3 😉 so pretty!

{ Pear }

I’ve really been loving the pair shape recently and you can’t go wrong with this simple and gorgeous ring.

I’d love to hear which ring is your favorite or is there another shape I didn’t feature that strikes your fancy?


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5 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: My 5 Favorite Engagement Ring Looks

  1. April says:

    These rings are so pretty! It is always interesting to see how engagement rings change over the years. Mine is a simple princess cut diamond with diamonds on each side. I got married 13 years ago but I still see women wearing a similar ring even now.

  2. PishtoPosh says:

    This made me think back to my engagement and makes me smile- I love my engagement ring and it is a constant reminder of how lucky I am. I cant even decide which cut I like best of your top choices- I love them all!!!

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