Brinkley Doodle Turns 2!


If you personally know me or if you’ve been following the blog you’ve picked up that my two pooches Brantley and Brinkley are my life. I’ve been an animal lover since I was a little girl and I am especially obsessed with my two sweet pooches. This weekend we celebrated our adorable Brinkley Doodle’s SECOND birthday, how is this little boy already two!? I feel like it as just yesterday Erick and I took the 4 hour drive to pick this sweet guy up!

For Brinkley’s celebration I picked up these super cute gold birthday hats and gold  #BDAY balloon at none other than Target! I was so excited to see they added these cute party accessories in their – wait for it – DOLLAR area. The balloon was only $5 and so easy to blow up at home and the hats were $3 – both perfect for our little soiree. Brinkley and big brother Brantley enjoyed an all natural peanut butter cake I picked up at a local doggie bakery though I found a similar recipe here that I want to give a try soon – maybe valentines day? 🙂

Playing on the turning two theme I wanted to share my two favorite things about Brinkley. Picking only two things was hard but here they are…


His sweet, goofy, and ornery personality. He’s truly a sour patch kid. It’s also true what they say about the “human doodle eye’s” too, the way he stares into your soul with those human eyes is SO sweet! {okay that was two things already, I’m bad at this!}


Brinkley has mild separation anxiety. It’s not annoying to the point where we constantly trip over him but you betcha he’s always right behind you even if you are just moving five feet away. He’s also the BIGGEST cuddlier. Brantley cuddles but not like Brinkley. Brinkley is the best morning cuddlier and fits himself so perfectly into your neck so his matches right up, making it so hard to get out of bed.

Anyone out there as obsessed with their dogs as me?


L e a h






















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