I always love flipping through style magazines and reading the “What’s in my bag?” feature they do on celebs, it reminds you for a minute oh they are just normal people after all even if their handbag is a couple grand more than mine {insert monkey covering eye emoji.} Now even though I’m no celeb I still thought it’d be fun to share with y’all the staples I keep with me no matter what handbag I’m currently using and why!


{1} Deodorant, a Tide pen, Bobbie pins, Hair ties, and gum are all staples that must always come with during each purse swap – these items are the essentials to keep the day going smoothly.

{2} I have my pink MK wallet which houses everything important like coupons, insurance cards, debit/credit cards I don’t use often, ect. Then I have my little gold KS card holder which is perfect to keep my ID and main cards in for easy access (instead of digging!) and fast transactions. I also always keep my business cards on me for impromptu to appointments and consultations with my brides and wedding vendors.

{3} Sunglasses to block those UV’s and a water bottle to stay hydrated are always a must. I love this glass bottle with the gold glitter rubber koozie built in. Keep your scroll to see where I got this steal of a deal!

{4} I always keep an assortment of lip stick and glosses along with body sprays and lotion in my bag. These are typically kept in a little pouch, I’m in need of a new one which is why you don’t see mine pictured here. A little pouch is key to avoid horrible lipstick or worse, PEN stains on the inside lining of your bag – I know this from experience :(.

{5} My notebook and usually my planner are always in my purse.My planner is way to big to fit into this bag so I usually just carry it along with me in my car and into work or wherever I may be going.

{6} A selfie stick because.. well duh! you have to be prepared for any photo opp!


These Revlon lip balms are fantastic, they go on so smooth and the color last all day {Do I sound like a commercial? ha.} I love this little travel size bottle of body spray, its perfect to throw and keep in your bag for an extra spritz throughout the day. My Bubble & Charm Poppies and Posie lotion is the prettiest floral scent and my AAA Lavender and Chamomile lotion is so calming, I love them both.


You can find my adorable business cards, here.



Are you ready for this? I picked up this adorable glass water bottle (reminds me of Kate Spade) for $5 at Target in the dollar deals section! They always have the cutest stuff!

Before I end this post I just had to share these adorable photos of blogger dog Brantley helping me with this shoot. No matter what I’m photographing the boys always find their way into the shoot to “help” me out and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way! Besides, he did a fantastic job keeping that water bottle safe under his arm for me. 🙂


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