friyay-favoritesHappy Friyay Friends!!

Eeee! I could not be more excited to get this weekend started! I’m headed to Nashville for a  girls weekend to celebrate my fabulous mother turning 60 years young! My Bestie Ashley is coming along for the fun and the best part is we are seeing Queen B in concert on Sunday! My mom took Ashley and I to our very first concert (Nsync*) when we were 10 years so needless to say we are all three so excited to make more fun memories on this trip! Nashville is a first for all of us so if you have any MUST see’s or do’s in Nashville please sound off in the comments below, we would love any recommendations!

I’ll be posting all about our trip next week but in the meantime keep on scrolling for this weeks round up’s of #FriyayFavorites!

Enjoy your weekend!!

x – L e a h

{Favorite Beauty Item}

Okay, I do have to admit I wasn’t a part of the Lush fan club until the recent hype (how did I not know about this!?)  I just bought by first bath bomb and I can’t wait to use it – I’ll be sure to review! How cute is their Fall Collection? They were sold out of this sparkly pumpkin when I went in so hurry in to pick yours up!


{Favorite Home Decor}

How gorgeous are these distressed wood signs from Harper Grace Designs. I need this established sign for our front porch immediately, love!


{Favorite Entertainment}

I mean, duh. I cannot wait to see all the gorgeous costumes throughout the show, they are

e v e r y t h i n g.


{Favorite Shoe}

Loving these Lost Valley Booteis from Free People, so cute.


{Favorite Role Model}

This women is strong, giving, creative, independent, successful, caring, funny, and so very beautiful both inside and out. Lucky for me I get to call her my mother & best friend. Happy 60th birthday to my mamma, Susan. I hope I look half as good as you when I’m 60!



9 thoughts on “F R I Y A Y {FAVORITES}

  1. Tiffany Mekkaoui says:

    Have a drink and catch some live music at Tootsies and go line dancing at the Wild Horse Saloon. Such a fun city to visit!

  2. Molly says:

    OMG SO JEALOUS!! Nashville is the BEST. For sure go to Honky Tonk Central (3 story bar), Tooties (purple building) Bar sit on rooftop and enjoy music! Peddle Hoppers there look fun too!!! Just all the bands and people that play there are so amazing. The atmosphere is the best. ENJOY 🙂 I am going back with a group and we are renting a house in May and going to Eric Church since he is doing a 2 day show there to end his tour….CANNOT WAIT!!

    -Molly Miller

  3. Leah Lowe says:

    Yes, have heard great things about Tootles & have it on the list, Adding Honkey Tonk Central Now! Omg yes I did see the review on Peddle Hoppers & it does look like so much fun. Thanks so much for the suggestions Molly! You’ll have a blast when you go see Eric Church in May!

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