Wedding Wednesday: Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses


I know, I know, there are hundreds of inspiration pictures on Pinterest of bridesmaids wearing perfectly mismatched dresses. It can’t be that hard right? Well it is in fact a little more work than it appears.  I absolutely love this trend  for many reasons but one of my favorites is the fact that  it gives each of your bridesmaids their own sense of style on your wedding day. You can always tell when a maid isn’t comfortable because she just stepped into something very cookie cutter that doesn’t fit her. Below are a few EMB tips and inspiration photos from my own wedding when it comes to picking out mismatched dresses for your girls!

Step One: Select your base color

I would suggest finding your wedding dress before getting started on your bridesmaids dresses, this helped me a lot. Your dress is the center of attention and it is what your bridesmaids dresses will be standing next to in photos on the big day. My dress had a champagne tint to it  so with that I knew my four bridesmaids dresses would have that same tone.



Step Two: Choose your supporting colors

Now that I knew champagne was the base color it was time to pick supporting colors that would look nice against it. Bronze, Taupe, Sand, and gold were the colors I went with for the bridesmaids dresses. After playing with fabric swatches up against my dress I knew I loved chiffon – it’s just so light weight and breathable {which your bridesmaids will appreciate.} The flowy fabric went right along with the whimsical look I was going for.


Step Three: Select your length

Now that you have your colors down it’s time to decide if you want all your maids in the same length dress, or maybe  you’ll go for a mix of short and long? There is really no right or wrong answer here it’s all about your personal taste and sometimes the formality of your  wedding. I personally loved the look of the long chiffon dress, again it played right along  with the whimsical look.


Step Four: Select your silhouettes

It’s very important for  both you and your maids to feel comfortable  on your big day. There is nothing more distracting from being in the moment than constantly pulling up a strapless dress that doesn’t properly fit or beading rubbing your underarm raw every time you move. Ask each bridesmaid what silhouette she prefers and most definitely  go try on different silhouettes to find the perfect one for each of yours girls body type.


Step Five: Enjoy your Big Day!

Enjoy your big day knowing not only do you love  the look of your bridesmaids dresses but they do too! It’s such a great feeling seeing the smiles on their faces after getting all dolled up and stepping into their dresses. Knowing not only do they feel comfortable in what they’re wearing  but also confident with their fabulous dress styles!


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